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Feeding RePEc for content hungry economists

Knowing what researchers need in order to do their job is something that all publishers work towards. A part of that focuses on ensuring content on the subject matter they are researching is discover-able. Over the past year we’ve heard from economists who want to access our abstracts as part of the RePEc service and during the last few weeks we’ve been working to make this happen.

RePEc (Research Papers in Economics – is a volunteer maintained project that collects data from various sources, then serves the metadata to users through a variety of different services. Emerald used to provide journal data to the RePEc, but technical issues caused it to fall behind several years ago.

Now, with the new digital teams in place, we are working to get our latest article metadata onto RePEc’s database, with the first steps to make some of our more recent journal metadata available. This is already underway with the creation of a new FTP server, the sourcing and conversion of content which has been successfully tested with a batch of 41 journal titles. Following on from this, we are working to make an automated feed live in January to allow the flow of new journal metadata to reach RePEc faster and with minimal manual intervention. This will then be extended to Book metadata, to better serve the needs of economics researchers.

Watch this space for further updates!


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A new little feature for the Mendeley fans out there

We know that researchers love Mendeley – the free reference manager and academia’s answer to LinkedIn. Academics can use it to (in Mendeley’s words) “manage your research, showcase your work, connect and collaborate with over five million researchers worldwide”. So, if you’re a Mendeley fan, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to save an Emerald journal article or book chapter to your personal Mendeley library.

We had the option there to do that on Emerald Insight already, but it was hidden as a tiny social share button in the ‘plus others’ section of our social share list on article pages, so it was pretty hard to find. The first thing we’ve done to fix this is make the Mendeley button appear in that social share list, alongside the share to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn buttons down the right-hand column of the article pages.

The Mendeley button

However, the more interesting and useful thing we’ve done is create a big new button right at the top of the article page – you can’t really miss it! But here’s a screenshot to prove it anyway.


So now it’s super quick and easy to save all your favourite Emerald journal articles straight to your Mendeley library. We’re still working on rolling the buttons out to book pages, but in the meantime, we hope you find this new little feature useful!


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